Technovation was new for me. That was the great opportunity for girls to participate and compete with other girls from different places around the world. Technovation not only focus on technology skill, but this also requires communication, problem solver and collaboration skills. Even though I spend all my weekends for almost three months working on this project, but I have a lot of fun learning new things and meet new people. This is my first time working with App Inventor and coding. However, my group does not win the competition but this is still the best opportunity for us and we really enjoy it.

Thiny, Sreyleap and I have worked together to create an app called Stulab. We observe that Cambodia exam result, most students got low score in math. So, that situation provide us the idea of creating this app.






App Demo video

Stulab pitch video


Stulab business plan

Coming to Liger Changed How I Learn!

In my old school in Kampong Cham there were four sculptures and places where we could sit when it was break time. There were six grades, from kindergarten to grade six. In one classroom there were four rows and two people could sit at each table. Each row had about 10-13 tables. In front of every classroom we had a garden with many different kinds of red, pink and purple flowers. Every morning when I came to school the aroma of the flowers blew and touched my nose. It made me feel fresh to start the new day.

At my school we used the simple materials, like books, and had a simple way of studying in class. We just read the information. We did not do any research for more information. Some days I felt very bored!

Everyday in class we always listened to the teacher. Some days I fell asleep, but not everyday. But I also had good grades in class. Even though I was bored I was also very happy because I had a lot of amazing friends. Srey Pich, one of my best friends, lived near me. She always helped me with my homework and most of the time we played with each other. I met a lot of new friends every year in school. Every break time we played hide and seek together

One day we were playing hide and seek as usual. It was my turn to hide but I felt a bit hungry. “Do you want to go to buy some snack?” I whispered to my friends.

“No! We are in the middle of the game!” Chanda replied

“It’s OK, it will take only a few minutes!” I tried to convince them to come with me.

“Ok,” Srey Pich agreed with me. Finally we went to buy some snacks, but I forgot about my other friend, Kuthy, who was finding us. After looking for us for a long time she saw us buying snacks. When she came over she was blushing. She didn’t talk to me and my other two friends for a few minutes. After some time we all went up to her and told her that we were a bit upset too. I tried to explain how I felt. She said that she was not angry at us any more and we all became friends again. I always had a wonderful time in school with all my best friends. We still remembered each other even when we learned in different classes.

I studied in this school every day and the time went by…….. until one day MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!! COMING TO LIGER!

Coming to Liger was a biggest change in my whole life. When I came to Liger my studies changed, but it was a great thing. Sadly, I had to live away from my incredible family because Liger is a boarding school. I had never gone somewhere by myself before. I felt so afraid about this, but a few months later I felt better and more confident to study in my new school.

“What a great school! ” I thought when I came to study in Liger for the first time.

I felt cheerful and enjoyed my studies so much at Liger because we learn a lot of things and that is what I always wanted to do.

At Liger we use a lot of technology. We use technology to increase our learning by practicing our English, math, and other important skills. I am always very excited about using and learning new things about technology. At first I felt so worried about using a computer because I thought I might do something wrong and then it would break. However, after using it for a long time, I felt more confident to use a computer.

At the beginning of my second year at Liger I studied about forest ecology. In class we used our computers to do some research about different types of ecosystems in Cambodia. In the second week of our class we took a trip to Mondulkiri!

“Yeah!!!” Everyone was yelling happily, including me.

I did not get enough sleep the night before we went on the trip.

“The sun will rise soon,” I kept telling myself. Finally I fell asleep.

It was a long drive to Mondulkiri. On the bus everyone was singing and playing games. Some students were sleeping. We stopped for the lavatory and to buy snacks. When we arrived in Mondulkiri I could see a lot of forest!

“What is this different world that I have never known before?” I thought.

I felt like I was so small with all that thick, green forest around me. There was forest all around the houses where we were sleeping. The soft wind blew and touched my face. The very cold temperature made me want to put my jacket on. I was surprised that the forest had so many differents smells. It smelled muddy, earthy, fresh and woody. It was also very noisy! Birds sang, water dripped, leaves rustled. The different sounds mixed together like music in the forest.

Every day we went out to the forest there was always lots of sounds. It seemed as though the animals were never tired. We saw different kinds of animals and plants. The first time I walked in the forest I felt so afraid. I was afraid of the different kinds of animals in the forest, especially the leeches.

“The leeches are so small and tiny. Why are we afraid of them?” I thought to make me feel more confident.

“Ouch!” I yelled when the leach got on my trousers.

On our first day walking in the forest we went to a waterfall and we had a lot of fun. It was my first time seeing a waterfall. The water was so fresh and it made us want to swim. We couldn’t swim because at that time we didn’t know how to swim much. We still had a lot of fun seeing different kinds of animals swimming in the water.

Sadly, after one week it was time to go back to Liger.

Even though my old school is so different from Liger, the way I love my old school has never faded.

My Changing Cambodia (2015)

Animals are vital to the ecosystem in the world. Simultaneously, many species in the world are listed as extinct, endangered or vulnerable in the IUCN red list. Continuously, the population of the animals and the land area of the forest are declining. In countries like Cambodia, illegal hunting and logging happened because of the lack of education as well as a conflict with the cultural practices. Therefore, in the past six months, my teammates and I were working on writing, researching and with the help of the other students to translated and illustrated the books about animals in Cambodia called, The Illustrated Guided to Wildlife of Cambodia. The books were written in two languages Khmer and English. As a  change agent, we wrote those books with the goal of educating young people about the importance of wildlife and why they should protect them. We did a fundraising on an Online website to publish the books in Cambodia. We’ve collaborated with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport to distributed the books to all the government schools in this country. I believe that the books would help to educate young people about the importance of animals and ecosystems to our world.  

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I go to an unusual school.

Name: Sopheak
Group: A
Date: September 4,2015
English writing

I go to an unusual school. Liger Learning Center has many different interesting subjects such as, exploration, essential, and expertise. In exploration class we have different projects. We learn to explore outside in real life that gives us high level of understanding. We are evaluated on different “Change Agents”, like innovator, creative, competitive, networker, collaborator, opportunist, communicator, dot connector, passionate, problem solver, and proactive. These change agents help Liger’s students to become a better person and know their own strengths and weaknesses. Liger teaches us to make changes in our country and to think big. In the future I will use this knowledge to help change my county!



Elephants are the largest land animals in the world . They also are very gentle and have good memories .They are fighting to survive . They are very important animals because they help the ecosystem in the forest and biodiversity.
There are 2 type of elephants, Asian elephants, and African elephants. Africa elephants have bigger ears than Asian elephants . The skin is more wrinkled than Asian elephants.The African elephants are heavier than the Asian elephants.The African elephants both males and females have long tusks. The Asian elephants are only the males that have a long tusks.
In one day they spend 18 hours eating a food . Every day the adult elephants eat 181.4 kg of food.They also drink 113.5 liter of water per a day. They also use their tusks to help drink a water, eat food, and communicating. They usually live in groups of females and young males. The female elephants live in groups for their whole live.The male elephants usually leaves a groups between 12 – 17 years old to live in a smell herds or live alone. The old female elephants call matriarch she leads the groups. She keep the groups safely and help teach the young elephants to find food and water.
They use their ears to keep their body cool. They also can use their ears to hear faraway, shoo insects, and to show feeling. They use their tusks to carry things, pull bark off trees and that can make a pathway for other small animals to walk . Their trunks are above the lip .The elephants teeth are size like one brick.
The elephants are very important animals. They help maintaining biodiversity in the forest. When the elephants walk they can pull out the trees that also can make the pathway for the other animals to walk. The elephants are not only help the animals. They also help the plant to grow. You might wonder how the elephants help the plants to grow. The elephants help the plant by eat the fruit and spread the seeds away though their dung (poop). Many plants are disappear without elephant because of the people cut it to sell or sometime the small trees down the grown under the big trees not get a lot of sun. When they pull off the trees they help the new plants to grow. When we has a lot of big trees the sun is not reach the grass antelopes that eat grass are die fraze animals that eat antelopes are die. All the animals are die because they don’t have a food to eat and also they don’t have help from the elephants. All of these animals will disappear .


Sopheak Moths

Moths are insects. They are related to butterflies. We know that there are moths because of their antennas. The moths have a wiry antennas with no knob. The butterflies they have a wire antennas with knob. Most moths like to fly at night.
When the moths are resting. They like to open their wings or fold it over their bodies.The wings is made up of a tiny scales. Each of the scales have different color they come together it become a color wings.
The moths are using their front feet to taste a food.They use their antennas to smell thing.They have a little holes in the side it help them breathe.

Life cycle caterpillars
The moths are at the bottom of food web. Their lives are full of dangerous but they have different way to defend themselves from the predators. Some of them use to have a spike if you touch that caterpillars you might get hurt for 20 minutes. Other way is they let out a bad smell through their two tentacles. Other way is they do camouflage to look like a (twigs, moss, and gooey bird) .
They are champion eaters. Most of the caterpillars are eating leaves but one kind of them eat meat. They molt their skin 4 or 5 time and a new layer grow again.
In side the pupa they don’t move or eat anything until the pupa is cracking out. When the pupa is cracks the wings are slipping out and it come the moth.
After the caterpillars become a moths they don’t have a mouth but many of them drink nectar to survive. They live about a week it long enough for them to mate after that they will die. They have strategy to defend themselves from the predator like to do a camouflage change to gray or brown wings. One other thing is to make a bad tastes that predator don’t want to eat them. They fly like a zigzags to protect themselves.

Rhyme (smell)

Why is it that poets tell,
So little of the sense of smell?
These are the odours I love well:

The spicy smell of the red chili.
The sweet odour of the chocolate cookie.
The tempting sniff of the yellow honey.

The distinctive smell of the yellow bee.
And fruity odour of the apple tree.
Or the fresh perfume of the blue sea.

The sweet smell of the berry candy.
And the perfume whiff of the cute puppy.
Or the distinctive sniff of the fat monkey.

The perfumed smell of the white cat.
And the fragrant sniff of the blue hat.
Or the distinctive whiff of the black rat.

The sour odour of the green mango.
And the tempting smell of the smooth tomato.
Or the aromatic whiff of the scary buffalo.
The fragrant smell of the small sister.
And the rosey odour of the beautiful flower.
Or the fresh sniff of the big river.

Women of future

Women of the Future
I am a child
I am all the things of my past.
I am the height from my father.
I am the hair of my mother.

I am all I see
Bright sun shine in front of my house.
Cute kitties drinking the milk from their mother.
Little kids going to school.
People going to the pagoda during Khmer New Year.
The villager working for money.

I am all I hear
My mother waking me up every morning.
My soft white and black cat sleeping and crying to me.
The noisy duck quacking for food every day .
The loud sound of the rain on my roof.
The broom broom of a car in front my house.

I am all I feel and taste
The sweet white liquid of milk .
Fresh coconut juice from the big coconut trees.
Minty tastes of the green plants.
The bitter tastes of the medicines.
The strawberry flavour of the cool ice cream.

And all I remember
The first wonderful day of a new school and being so happy.
The first time I rode on a bike.
The big flood coming to my house.
Being sad when my grandpa passed away.
Little new baby jone with the family.

I am all I have been taught
Don’t fight with your younger sister.
Coffee is not good for kids.
2 x 3 is the same as 3 x 2 .
Math is not so hard.
Eat a lot of vegetable.

I am all I think
Working with little kids.
Becoming an author.
Having a lot of money.
Living together with my family in a big house.

I am all those things
I am like a crab.
And all of these things are my shell.
But one day I’ll get out
And be free
I’m the woman of the future.


Khmer poem


​ធម្មជាតិ​​បៃតង់              យ៉ាងស្រស់បំព្រង             ញញឹមពព្រាយ​
បញ្ចេញសម្រស់           ល្អស្រស់ឆើតឆាយ           ចាំជះពណ្ណរាយ
ក្លិនក្រអូបសាយ           បក់ពីចម្ងាយ                      លំហើយកាយា
ទាក់ចិត្តសត្វម្រឹក         បក្សីបក្សា                           ចង់កួចចិន្ដា
រូបរាងវាសំ​                  យ៉ាងសង្ហាហំ                       ចង់ប្រឡែងលេង
អួតសម្រក់ពិត           ខ្យល់បក់ជាភ្លេង                  ឈរមិនដែលគេង
មនុស្សមិនយល់       មិនដឹងមិនស្គាល់ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                មិនគិតម៉ត់ចត់
បំផ្លាញព្រៃឈើ ​        ដោយមិនតក់ស្លុត               បំផ្លាញស្ទើរម៉ត់


ខ្យល់បក់រសាត់លើវេហា                          ធ្វើឱ្យចិន្ដាសែនខ្វល់ខ្វាយ
គិតនឺក​​​បងប្អូននៅនាយអាយ                  ចិត្តខ្ញុំ​ខ្វល់ខ្វាយឥតឧបមា។
ដួងចិត្តគិតពីអ្នកមានគុណ                       ពិបាកពេចពន់មិនធូរស្រាល
នឹកឃើញម្តងៗសែនឈឺក្បាល               តើដល់ថ្ងៃណាទើបបានស្បើយ។
ថ្វី​បើរូបខ្ញុំ​​​​​​​​​ចេញចាកទៅ ​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​                         ឆ្ងាយដាច់អាល័យពី​មាតា
តែចិត្តនៅនឹកគ្រប់ៗកាល                       សង្ឃឹមថ្ងៃណានឹងបានជួប។