An inter-generational observation of parental expectations for and definitions of children’s “success” in rural and urban Cambodia

As part of the changing society, we strive to work harder in order to meet with its demand. That is why, often time, parents tend to have many pressuring sets of expectations and standards on their children future. Parent’s expectation is one of the most overwhelming factors that could influence the children decision of their future. This research project will investigates the generalitional changes of parent’s expectation of their children success in the urban and rural Cambodia, through surveying method. Through its investigations, this research will allow the deeper understanding of the Cambodian parent’s perceptions of their children succeed as time changes. A deeper understanding of each other’s expectation would enable a more constructive communication between parents and children. In a fast-growing country like Cambodia, this research has never been done before which make the information even more vital to the citizen of this country.