Gender Equity

During the course of seven weeks, we have looked at the various aspect of gender-related issues as well as developing a Gender Website, where we share different stories, and hosted a Gender Summit, to raise awareness. During the Summit, participants discussed gender-related topics: gender in power, culture, economic, and language. Our mission statement was to raise awareness about global gender issues with a focus on Cambodia society.We aim to create a healthy and constructive dialogue about gender equity, through communication, passion, and risk-taking by examining the past to transform the future.

Gender Summit

The summit happens for two days, January 27th and 28th that were in both English and Khmer. We have invited high school age students from all across Cambodia. It was my privilege to serve as a lead organizer for the Gender Summit. It was a marvelous experience to see so many young Cambodians come together to discuss this very sensitive and un-commoned topics. With the help of the younger generations and change agent, I am hoping that talking about issues related to gender won’t be as intimidating and limiting.

Gender Summit Documentary:

One Billion Rising

One Billion Rising is an event that gathers people to combat all form of violence towards women and girl. During the event, we listened to different speakers, speaking about the issues related to gender-based violence towards women as well as dancing to a song called, Break the Chain. 

A recap of One Billion Rising 2018 on Sunday, February 11th at Chenla theatre! Once again, we would like to express our gratitude and respect to victims who have come forth to share their stories and the amazing team of organizations and volunteers who made the event possible.Rise! Resist! Unite! Stop violence and exploitation against women and girls!

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During the first round of exploration for this school year, I, along with five others, were selected to work on improving the Grade One textbooks for the Cambodian government school curriculum. We were contracted by the newly founded school, Bambujaya, to re-imagine the curriculum in ways that would inspire kids to learn with more interactive activities, explorations, and most importantly, succor the kids to think outside the box. We hope that these new ideas will get proposed to the ministry and be implemented throughout the country.