Creative Writing

In past seven weeks, I along with some other students have been working on writing different short stories creatively. My favorite writing project from this class is fairytale remix writing. This type of writing requires students to re-write the traditional fairy tale stories with different character point of view. I have written a short re-creation of beauty and beast in Gastone’s perspective. 

Beauty and the Beast – Gaston’s Perspective

Oh! My dear beloved Beauty, you have denied my love countless times and your words had shattered my heart into pieces. I was damaged, and heartbroken. Every day, I kept thinking of you, our future, our marriage, our children, and our home. Sadly, those things never happened. History had written me as a relationship breaker, and murderer who wanted to kill his future-father-in-law. My pride, name, and reputation was a disgrace. In fact, I know for sure I wasn’t the one to blame. I was blinded by love, sacrificing everything I had for a woman. A woman who then trashed my feeling and good nature. Am I to blame? I remember the very first time I saw you. The feeling that I had, the instinct that told me that you are the one, the one, and will always be my one and only. It was a long tired two months on the sea. My men and I have visited many villages, meeting many beautiful ladies but never one like you. You, Beauty, you have the special aura around you, the way your sparkling eyes shine while you are reading your favorite books, the way your hair flows like a perfect wave, the way your lips curve into a smile that every man desire to see, the way your soft singing voice travel through the sound wave into my ears, and your rosy aroma that emanates from your flawless body. You have everything that every man on earth desire, independent woman, passionate at the same times very gossamer. However, you have made a very pitiful decision in your life. Rather than marrying a man with everything anyone ever wanted, wealth and fortune, power, fame, and appearance, you’ve decided to team up with the ungrateful and filthy beast, who was in a friend zone until he gave you his library. What a foolish way of living your life. There is no other thing like true love. Every man has one common wish of wanting a trophy wife and it would be a lie if I didn’t want the same. Although I wasn’t there to witness your ungratefulness, I wish you to live in eternal hell to compensate for your impertinent behavior. If you are reading this, engraved this deep in your mind, there are always two sides of the story and both should be heard. Unfortunately, my side will never be properly heard. No one will ever know how heartless, barbaric, and malicious you truly are.