Kampot Reader and Writer Festival

On 1-5 of November, a group of Liger students had participated at the Kampot Writers Readers Festival that circle around the theme of “Courage”. During the event, we’ve met many authors, poets, and inspirational speakers. We have participated and learned about topics such as; writing short stories using the fairy tales as an inspiration, writing poem, and stage performance, listening to the spoken word artist Kosal Khiev, and being apart of the poetry slam session where six of the Liger students performed their poems. This trip as a whole has inspired me to read more, and express my emotion and thought through writing creatively. One of my favorite experiences was when we watched the performance from Cambodia Music Buss group, at one point the Liger’s group started to dance. We also, invited and encouraged most of the people who were at the performance to dance and enjoy the music with us. This experience specifically, had made me realized that music wasn’t created for only entertainment, it was created to bring people together, despite our differences.

Below is the poem that I wrote when I was on the trip.

Scares are tattooed against my beauty.

Humiliation is engraved upon my dignity.

Abandonment is concealed underneath my merriment.

I am a one-sided window.

I heartedly rooted.

Straight and rigid that’s what I’ll be.

I circulate as a shadow to the mist.

They are there.

Masking the precious me.


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