I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the 2017 ISPPMUN once again this year.  This year was my very first time to be selected to serve as a deputy chair of Human Rights Council (HRC). The delegates debated on the topics from protecting civil liberties, racial minorities to basic rights of prisoners. It was my duty as a deputy chair to write a research paper to one of the topics which I wrote about the topic of protection of racial minorities. It was my obligation to ensure that during the conference delegates are comfortable, stay on topic, and the atmosphere within the committee is safe for delegates to take risks delivering speeches and debating controversial issues. It was terrifying at first to be charing to a group of delegates who were mostly older students, however, with a help and mentoring from my kind-hearted head-chair I became very confident, and helpful to my delegates during the conference. Although I made a lot of mistakes, I believe that it was a chance for me to learn from it and to do better next time.

Credit: Samady Sek 

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